Jade Archer 
   ~ A Shot For The Heart ~

Booklist  (Click on any underlined title for progress reports, covers, blurbs, reviews, excerpts and


Single Titles                 Haunted By Ben (WIP)
                                      One Wicked Hunter (WIP) 

The Nu Hayven
Chronicles                   Treacherous Sun
                                        Cruel Moon (WIP)
                                        Book Three - Baylelle and Yeoseph's Story (WIP)
                                        Book Four - Raffayel and Azrayle's Story (WIP)

Sandpipers                 Sandpipers' Secrets 
                                        Another Little Secret (Free Read)
                                        Raven's Mark 
                                        Loving Andy (WIP)
                                        Seeing Jaime (WIP) 

Journey of the          The Stowaway
Wyvern                        Almost Home (WIP)    


Tales From              Cupid's Beau (Free Read)
Godshome                  Book One - Korey's Tale (WIP)

Portals                         Ethan's Freedom
                                       Devon's Revenge
                                       Crying Wolf (Free Read)
                                       Sharing Paul 
                                       Saving Hawk (WIP)

Contact                        What To Do With Lore
                                        How To Steal Blade
                                        Why Jay Ran Away
                                        Where To Find Harte
                                        When Ashar Found His Reason (WIP)
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