Jade Archer 
   ~ A Shot For The Heart ~

Series Blurbs


                     When Lore took control of his clan at the tender age of fourteen he
                 had some tough decisions to make. In the Mebian system his people 
                 are the poorest of the poor; mud larks and field hands slowly 
                 suffocating under the weight of their poverty. He convinced four 
                 other clan members to join him in entering into slave contracts. 
                 They plan to gain skills in medicine, engineering, law, teaching and 
                 agricultural science. They’re going to use their skills to improve 
                 things for their people, to help them finally get ahead....But things 
                 rarely work out as planned, especially when you’re slave.




Hundreds of years ago, Earth’s magic began to die and the power mages craved over others crumbled with it. So they struck out for a new dimension. A dimension they now rule absolutely. Having learnt from the past, they have constructed and enslaved men and women to serve them. Men and women with the ability to shift into animals. But slowly, carefully the slaves are breaking free of their masters.


Meanwhile, there are dark forces at work. Dark forces bent on the destruction and domination of all other beings, including mage kind.


Change is coming and choices must be made. Choices that will shape more than one world.

The Nu Hayven Chronicles

Two very different species -the Aenjels and the Deamonds- have been thrown together in a very small space-faring habitat ark called The Nu Hayven. And they're not the only ones really not happy about it.  


Sometimes we find family and friends in the most unlikely places. Sandpipers’ Restaurant is just such a place, because delicious meals and treats aren’t the only thing this busy bistro is serving up—there’s friendship, love and lust on the menu as well. But first there are choices to make, and you should always consider the price.


Ultimately, when it comes to the heart, it’s best to go with your gut!

Journey of the Wyvern

Love for two is sometimes a hard enough call, but add a third and things can get very complicated, very quickly. Include a temperamental space transport, the unpredictable, frequently dangerous environs of deep space and a vicious past and life is guaranteed to be…interesting. Well, provided you can stay alive long enough to enjoy it that is. So begins the Journey of the Wyvern and the exciting voyage Arek, Devlynn and Rachel have to take to claim their happily ever after.

Tales from Godshome

                    COMING SOON! 
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