Jade Archer 
   ~ A Shot For The Heart ~

Devon's Revenge

Devon never wanted to be free. He never wanted to leave the safety of the harem. Forced out of the only home he's ever known, he's cold, hungry and...angry for the first time in his life. Revenge needs to be very sweet.

Faced with an impossible choice, Devon threw away his only chance of returning to his Master and the sheltered life of a pleasure slave. Now, abandoned and abused, Devon is struggling to find his way alone in a strange new world—Earth. Being a stray certainly isn’t easy, and replacing his Master is proving almost impossible. Then he meets Nate.

Nate isn’t looking for a mate. He certainly didn’t expect to find him in a club about to go down on another man! But something about Devon calls to him like no one ever has before. Now if he can just make sure Devon isn’t the most dangerous kind of shifter—the kind that would do anything to return to their master—perhaps they can work on exploring the mutual attraction that’s simmering between them, ready to explode.

Unfortunately, there are more challenges still ahead for Devon. More for Nate and Devon to face than learning secrets and earning trust with a new mate. There are enemies moving in. Some they never knew existed, and some that still haunt Devon’s nightmares. And they’re ready and waiting to take any chance of a happily even after away forever.  

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Literary Nymphs Reviews:

...exciting second book...filled with action, mystery and exceptionally sensual lovemaking...I look forward to the next episode.

Fallen Angel Reviews :

...fast-paced and intricate...paranormal creatures, magic, and a modern day setting intricately blends into a unique and captivating series
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