Jade Archer 
   ~ A Shot For The Heart ~

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Crying Wolf A short story from the Portals series that can be read as a stand alone title.

Fleeing an intolerably cruel existence, even at the risk of his life, outcast Wolf, stuck in a form neither human nor lupine, encounters a reclusive Master Mage who is struck by the young pup's vulnerability. 

Available:  On this website here
               At TEB here
               At Goodreads MM Romance group here
               In the 'Stuff My Stocking: M/M Romance Stories that are Nice . . . and Naughty' Anthology here

Another Little Secret A very special Valentine's Day addition to Sandpipers' Secrets. (**SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE THAT HAVE NOT READ SANDPIPERS' SECRETS!)

Available : On this website here
                At TEB here               

Cupid's Beau A short story about a Roman god that's about to meet his match!

Available : On this website here
               At Goodreads MM Romance Group as part of the Hot July Days Celebration










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