Jade Archer 
   ~ A Shot For The Heart ~

How To Steal Blade

A disillusioned Dom and a bratty sub chaffing against being a slave - oh! and those nasty cuffs that are cutting off the circulation to his wrists. This time making contact is going to require discipline.

Deminic's not happy. He relocated to the fast paced, cut throat business world of the Mebian system to try and find what was missing in his life. Instead he finds his days and endless parade of sycophantic business owners, fawning hostesses and toadying charity organizations. Even the joy he once found in dominating a sub has long since lost it's appeal, as more and more often he finds they are only interested in the tempting bulge of his credit chip. Surely, while he's trying to figure out what he wants in life, it's not to much to ask to find an honest sub? Someone's who's just the right combination of submission and challenge?

Blade's smart mouth and disrespectful attitude are always getting him in trouble. But this time he's really outdone himself.He's naked, bound and gagged over a rather ominous looking black leather bench.And the cuffs are really becoming annoying. For a start, they won't loosen enough for him to get away before whoever he's being offered to like a tasty little lubed snack comes in. If only being bound and gagged didn't feel so...incredibly tempting.

When these two meet there's bound to be some misunderstandings, but is the biggest one of all destined to drive a wedge between them forever, just as they finally manage to get free of the system that's been dragging them both down? 

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Dark Diva Reviews :

Jade Archer wowed me with her first book in the Contact series and has now solidly hooked me not only on her series, but also her writing...Brava Ms. Archer, you’ve done it again.

Queer Magazine Online :

I loved this book and can't wait for the next volume. There was a tantalizing teaser about one of the secondary characters at the end which lets me hope there will be a third book in the series.

Literary Nymphs :

How to Steal Blade is a great read and a wonderful sequel to What To Do With Lore.

Whipped Cream :

Well written and fast paced with characters that have depth and emotion.

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