Jade Archer 
   ~ A Shot For The Heart ~

Sandpipers' Secrets

Three men, so many secrets. Can Brody, Lark and Zak find their way to love, or will someone put a stop to their chance at happiness forever? 

Brody is starting again. He’s moved halfway across the country to a new city, a new life. But it’s hard to stay hopeful when you’re one meal away from starvation and two weeks away from eviction. He needs a job. Fast. And not in his old line of work either or he risks everything. Fortunately, Sandpipers’ restaurant is in need of a kitchen hand and Brody’s desperate enough to do almost anything. But once the pressures off, Brody finds a whole new focus for his attention. Well, two actually! He’s just not sure he can afford to indulge.

Lark and Zak have been partners for years, both in business and in pleasure. They know everything about each other. They know what they have is right. They know…that there’s something missing. Could Brody be the answer? Will the secrets each of the men keep drive them apart? And will they live long enough to enjoy their love once someone decides it’s perverted? 

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Reviews :

Literary Nymph Review:

4.5 out of 5! The plot is well written, in addition to being absorbing with a touch of mystery. The intimacy is especially sensual. The characters are appealing...Jade Archer has created a fascinating saga that I enjoyed. I am looking forward to the next installment in this series. 

Dark Diva Review: 

4.5 out of 5!...a beautiful story about starting over and finding love...Jade Archer created three wonderful characters...Sandpiper’s Secrets will leave you with a smile and encouraged to see love overcome hate and misunderstanding.

Extras :

What to know the story behind the story of Sandpipers' Secrets? 

A free story addition to Sandpipers' Secrets, 'Another Little Secret', is now available here! ...be aware there are some spoilers for those that have not already read Sandpiper' Secrets!

The Extra Chapter Written for Print Release....*spoiler alert*...this chapter is available in the current ebook release. It is included here for anyone that bought the original ebook and would like to know what happened after the police left the trio in peace. 
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