Jade Archer 
   ~ A Shot For The Heart ~

Another Little Secret ~ A Short Valentine's Day Addition To Sandpipers' Secrets (**SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE THAT HAVE NOT READ SANDPIPERS' SECRETS**)

Please note that this story contain explicit adult content. By reading on you are confirming that you are over 18 years of age and are legally allowed to view such material under any laws that may apply to you.

Brody toed off his shoes at the door and stepping into the bright, open space—readying himself for just about anything. Picking up Wolf from preschool tended to be a full contact sport most days. He’d become extraordinarily good at protecting the family jewels from enthusiastic tackle hugs.

Forced to duck his head slightly to avoid a low hanging…something colourful and artistic suspended from the ceiling, Brody glanced around as he made his way into the room. It smelt faintly of paint, craft glue, whatever disinfectant was being used to wipe down the sleeping palettes and…plain old fashioned innocent fun.

Colour was splashed in random, creative explosions all over the walls where paintings where proudly displayed. Toys were stacked and arranged neatly in nooks ready to entice little hands. And scattered throughout the room, activity centres were set out waiting to stimulate little minds. Wherever he looked there was something to see and do. It was fantastic.

Brody smiled happily to himself. In truth, he loved coming to collect Wolf from preschool. After a day of playing and creating and being surrounded by kids his own age, Wolf was always so full of life and boundless energy. And usually ready to talk nonstop all the way home—telling Brody at a million miles an hour all about his latest adventures and escapades with his little buddies. If he lived to be a thousand, Brody would never be able to thank Lark—his incredibly connected lover—enough for helping him get Wolf into the program at the Riversands Community Preschool. It was the best thing Brody had ever been able to do for his brother, who soaked up the experience like a little sponge and was just blossoming under the active programme the centre ran.

Thinking of Lark, the smile slipped a little from Brody’s lips. He felt the muscles tighten in his shoulders slightly before he forced himself to relax. Something was going on with his lover. With both his lovers actually. It was hard to pinpoint exactly, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that there had been a change in them lately. He couldn’t help but wonder and worry about what was up with Lark and Zak—the third and more stoic member of their little ménage.

In the last couple of weeks the two had been…elusive. Secretive. Oh! They were still extremely playful and enthusiastic lovers, but something had…just changed. And it was hard not to get nervous about it.

Over the last six months, he had gotten used to them being almost painfully honest and open with each other. Ever since the initially bumpy start to their relationship—a time when they had all been keeping little secrets from one another—there had been an unspoken agreement to tell each other everything. But lately, that deal seemed to have been, if not broken then certainly bent.

At times he would catch Lark and Zak talking quietly, but whenever they spotted him the conversation would abruptly cease, or they would quickly change the subject. It didn’t seem…sinister exactly. Just secretive.

Brody sighed. Something was definitely going on, he just wasn’t sure what. Which led to his next problem—what was he going to do about it. A secret, insecure little part of himself couldn’t help wondering if Lark and Zak had finally gotten tired of him and were ready to move on. He wasn’t sure he wanted to actually find out if they had. He felt a bit like when he was a kid and would hide under his bed, hoping the monsters—usually in the shape of his mother's latest boyfriend—wouldn’t find him.

Lark and Zak had been together far longer than Brody had been around. It was hard not to feel uncomfortable at times when little things reminded him every day that Lark and Zak knew each other like two halves of a whole. While the three of them together were still feeling their way forward tentatively and rather blindly in a lot of respects.

Shaking off the depressing, and quite possibly completely paranoid direction his thoughts kept taking, Brody stepped farther into the room. This was hardly the time or the place to be thinking about such things—even if they were starting to play at the back of his mind almost constantly. Instead, Brody concentrated on the here and now.

He could hear the sounds of a story being read aloud. The reader pitched her voice to illustrate the different characters—a cat and a mouse apparently on a grand adventure together. Letting the sound draw him farther into the room, Brody eventually peered over a hip high bookstand forming a sheltered alcove and spotted them—twenty eager little faces listening avidly to the last story of the day before home time. All eyes were glued to the pages of the book turned to face them.

A normally rambunctious group, their focus and dedication to the story was really quite remarkable. But even though he tried not to disturb them, something about his presence must have telegraphed itself to the group. Twenty pairs of eyes turned to focus on him.

“Wolf! Your brother’s here!” one excitable little boy shouted at the top of his lungs.

The call was quickly taken up by two or three other, self-appointed announcers.


“Wolf’s brother’s here!”


Brody couldn’t hold back his grin. There was something infectious about the exuberant enthusiasm of kids that always got to him.

He watched as Wolf disengaged himself from the group, clambering quickly to his feet.

“Hey, Wolf.” Brody braced himself for Wolf’s usual animated greeting, but instead of the wild call of his name and a flying five year old leaping at him, Brody found his legs suddenly encased in thin, but surprisingly strong arms as Wolf’s head buried in his side. “Hey, what’s up, buddy?” Brody stroked his hand over the soft mop of his brother’s hair, but Wolf just burrowed closer and refused to look up or answer.

Bewildered, Brody looked around the wildly decorated room, searching for some sort of explanation for Wolf’s strange behaviour. He spotted Ms. Gwen—Wolf’s teacher—moving purposefully towards them, her soft, kind face looking a little strained.

“Hi, Brody. Do you have a moment?”

Brody felt the worry that had started to edge its way into his mind kick up another couple of notches. What was going on?

“Of course.”

“Wolf, why don’t you go back and listen to the end of the story with the others while I have a chat with your brother?”

Wolf apparently wasn’t buying it. He shook his head vigorously without looking up and tightened his grip around Brody’s legs.

Brody, not sure what to make of the boy's dramatically out of character reactions, continued to stoke his hand over Wolf’s head. He looked to Ms. Gwen, hoping she might have some answers. This just wasn’t like Wolf at all.

Ms. Gwen smiled, though it looked a little thin. She stepped away from the group of children, most of whom had gone back to listening to the story, but Brody still appreciated the gesture and her hushed tones. Whatever was going on, Wolf didn’t need the other kids hearing the adults talking about him.

“I’m afraid Wolf got himself into a little trouble today. He and another little boy got into a fight. To be fair, I think Wolf was sticking up for one of his friends, but…we really can’t have him pushing and yelling at other children.”

Brody looked down at the top of Wolf’s head as it pressed impossibly closer, as if trying to shut out the damning words.

“We gave him and the other little boy some quiet time and had a little chat about the green and red behaviours this afternoon. Did you see the information we sent home about our behavioural program?”

Brody nodded. He’d read all the information in the welcome pack he’d received when Wolf first started. He vaguely remembered that they used some sort of colour code system linked with drawings and activities to teach the kids appropriate behaviours and reactions or something. Right now all that Brody could focus on was that Wolf had been involved in a fight. His little brother. He couldn’t imagine the sweet child he knew in his heart being involved in anything like a fight. It just didn’t seem right. And Wolf was clinging to him as if his life depended on it.

Ms. Gwen laid a hand gently on Brody’s forearm, drawing his attention back to her. “Look…honestly, I don’t think it’s anything to fuss about. Boys do this sort of thing all the time. It’s all a part of learning to be in a group. And it really wasn’t all that serious. I just thought I’d mention it in case Wolf says something to you. It was just a minor altercation. Really.”

Brody looked down at his brother still clinging to him. It didn’t look particularly minor to Wolf.

“Do you know what they were fighting about?”

Ms. Gwen looked distinctly uncomfortable. “As I said, I think Wolf was just defending another little boy that got a bit upset with some things that were said today. We’re going to talk to the whole group over the next few days about what we say to each other and how what we say can make our hearts feel. “

Brody could feel a politically correct side step coming up. He liked Ms. Gwen. He liked her a lot actually. She had a very natural way with the kids and quite obviously cared for them—he could see that just by the way she spoke to and about them. But Brody could also see she didn’t want to talk names and name issues specifically. It might even be that she couldn’t. Who knew what sort of policies and procedures existed behind the scenes he had no idea about.

While he knew he could probably work it all out eventually—given time and patience— he figured he’d get a lot more out of Wolf in the long run. And in a much shorter space of time too. He could always come back and talk to Ms. Gwen when he had a few more pieces of the puzzle to go on.

“Thank you, Ms. Gwen. I’ll have a chat to Wolf. We’ll see you tomorrow.”

Ms. Gwen nodded, relief smoothing out the small lines of tension that had gradually worked their way into her face. She reached down and stroked Wolf’s hair. “I’ll see you in the morning, Wolf. Don’t worry about today, honey. All done. We’ll start again and have a better day tomorrow. What do you say?”

Wolf nodded against Brody’s leg. Ms. Gwen smiled kindly, no doubt imagining that after a good night sleep all would be forgotten. But Brody wasn’t so sure. Wolf had an amazing memory, and a very highly developed sense of justice for a five year old. Whoever had crossed Wolf and made him this upset wasn’t likely to be forgiven overnight.

Taking Wolf’s hand, Brody walked them silently out and started the short walk home to the apartment above Sandpiper’s Restaurant. Only once they were clear of the building and the car park with its confusing bustle and chaos of parents picking up their small charges, did Brody carefully squeeze Wolf’s hand to get his attention.

“Do you want to tell me what happened?”

There was a small pause before Wolf finally broke his silence. “Justin was being mean to Ryan.”

Ryan. No wonder Wolf leapt into the fray—Ryan was Wolf’s best friend. Over the past few months the pair had become virtually inseparable. In fact, Ryan had become somewhat of a fixture in their lives—with regular play days and his name constantly coming up in conversations with Wolf.

“Why? What was Justin doing to Ryan?” Brody asked, keeping his voice even and neutral, hoping Wolf would open up.

“We were making heart cards for Vallenstens day.” Brody smiled as Wolf mangled the word into submission. “He made fun of Ryan when he gave his heart card to me. He made Ryan cry. He was being so mean!”

The smile faded from Brody’s face. Oh, crap!

“What did Ms. Gwen say?”

“She made me promise not to push Justin over again. But he’s not allowed to make Ryan cry.”

“No, he shouldn’t be allowed to make Ryan cry,” Brody agreed carefully as all his protective instincts rose to the fore—demanding he rush in and fight the good fight for Wolf, even while his brain pointed out he couldn’t just jump in and make it all better.

“He’s just a…a great big…” Brody could see Wolf’s anger and frustration bubbling furiously beneath the surface, desperate to escape. He braced himself for the fallout. “…a great big doo doo brain!”

Okaaay…not the best, but it could have been a whole lot worse. Trouble was, Brody still wasn’t sure what the right thing to say was. He didn’t want Wolf getting into fights, but a little piece of his heart was angry on Wolf and Ryan’s behalf.

“Did Ms. Gwen say anything to Justin?” he asked carefully.

“She made him say sorry to Ryan for making fun of his card.”

Well, at least that was one thing. Brody really wasn’t sure what, if anything he should say next though. Brewing just below the surface was a whole mess of trouble he wasn’t sure either of them were ready to talk about. Wolf was only five for crying out loud. Brody breathed in and out slowly, using the time to think before he leapt too far ahead into a conversation he wasn’t sure either of them was anywhere near ready to have.

“Is that the card?” Brody pointed to the small pink point he could see sticking out of Wolf’s pocket at an odd angle.

Wolf nodded.

“Can I see it?”

Reached down, Wolf handed the card over easily enough, but Brody could see the floppy pink heart shape was already well loved. Grubby fingerprints marked the edges and a small water stain had started to make one end of the felt pen rainbow emblazoned across the centre run. Opening the card, Brody saw that Ryan had written something completely indecipherable in lines and circles at the top, then there was a very carefully copied WOLF in big bold letters and underneath that a small heart done in red felt pen and the name Ryan written in a haphazard, lopsided mixture of upper and lower case letters. It was incredibly cute, and it made Brody’s heart hurt slightly that such an innocent expression could have caused such problems for his little brother and his best friend.

“It’s lovely, Wolf.” Not sure what else to say, Brody closed the card. “Ryan did a beautiful job writing both your names. I hope you said thank you.”

“Ah uh, I did,” Wolf said, taking the card and tucking it safely back in his coat pocket.

“How did Ryan get so good at your names?” Brody asked, stalling for time while his brain scrambled for the right thing to say.

“He copieded them from the thing on the wall with how big we all are.” Wolf sounded very proud of his friend, and Brody didn’t blame him. Ryan was obviously a pretty smart kid—he didn’t think many five year olds would think of that.

Suddenly, Wolf looked straight up at Brody, determination and something slightly fierce creeping into his expression. “I’m going to marry Ryan when I get bigger,” Wolf said, for all the world sounding as if he was daring Brody to argue with him.

On the one hand it was a wonderfully sweet and innocent thing to say. On the other…well it was an incredibly big can of worms they were about to open up.

Brody squirmed. Quite aside from anything else, he felt like he had to give Wolf some other possibilities. Ones he might not have considered. The only real role models Wolf had were gay, but that hardly embraced all the possibilities in the world. Brody wondered idly if straight parents and guardians ever had conversations like this.

“I really like Ryan too. He’s real smart. But…you know, you might meet someone else. Maybe another little boy or girl that you really like.”

“But I love Ryan.”

Brody stopped and stared at his brother for a moment. Really, what else was there to say to something like that. He decided discretion was probably the better part of valour and that he really should stop arguing with a five year old. It was just better that way. Far less damaging to his ego.

Brody took Wolf’s hand and continued down the street.

“I like your card a lot, Wolf. It’s real nice, no matter what Justin said.”

“Yeah. I don’t care what Justin said. I just didn’t like that he made Ryan cry.”

It was hard for Brody to fault Wolf for standing up for his friends, even though he knew he should tell Wolf it was wrong to push and yell at others. But looking down, seeing the light and energy back in Wolf’s face, Brody decided not to push it for now.

Focusing ahead, watching the top of Sandpiper’s restaurant come into view, Brody squeezed Wolf’s hand. What he really wanted to do was talk to Lark and Zak. It wasn’t that the pair would necessarily know the right thing to say and do either, but right now Brody really needed someone to listen while he worked this all out. And Lark and Zak had become the people he turned to whenever he needed something—even if it was just an ear. He hoped that wasn’t all about to come crashing down. Or even just gradually fizzle out as they slowly drifted apart. It made his heart lurch just thinking about the possibility.

“Yeah, it’s not nice to make people cry,” he agreed steadily, still holding Wolf hand as they continues down the street.




Finally finished with another mad Valentine’s Day in the restaurant and home at last, Zak collapsed into the buttery soft embrace of the leather couch. He groaned with relief as the exquisite pleasure/pain of tight, tired muscles relaxing raced over his body. Within seconds, Lark flopped down beside him, his blond head quickly ending up in Zak’s lap and his small, sock covered feet swinging up onto the armrest.

“Man, what a night,” Lark huffed as he stretched out.

“Valentine’s Day is always crazy, but yeah—madness tonight.”

Lark chuckled. “Must be the full moon.”

Zak frowned. “What full moon? I thought that wasn’t ‘til Friday?”

“Mmm…you might be right. But I could show you a full moon if you like.” Lark looked up at him—his blue eyes sparkling with mischief as he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Zak chuckled despite his exhaustion. Lark was always on the lookout for opportunities to get naked…and busy.

Just as he was about to say something about how perpetually horny Lark always was, Brody wandered into the room. He’d gone straight down the hall to check on Wolf when they’d got in from working in the restaurant. He always did. Even after their regular sitter told them everything was fine and that Wolf was sleeping peacefully, Brody still always checked. He was a good brother. A good man. Their man.

But rather than taking up his usual spot on the couch, snuggled up on the other side of Zak, tonight Brody settled pensively on the edge of the single seat adjacent to them. Bowing his head, he ran his fingers through his short, brown hair.

Zak tensed—something was bothering their lover. They’d been so busy with the Valentine’s Day crowd this evening he’d hardly had time to say more than a few words to either of his lovers. But now that he looked, he could see the lines of strain and tension around Brody’s mouth and eyes.

Lark, apparently sensing his sudden spike of concern, looked up at Zak again—a small frown etching his brow.

“Is something wrong, Brod?” Zak asked, still hoping he was just tired after a long shift.

But as Brody looked across at him, the hope faded.

“Wolf got into trouble today.”

Lark sat up quickly—all traces of relaxed and languid brat disappearing instantly. “Why? What happened?”

Brody sighed—the sound long and tired. “Apparently he got into a fight with another kid.”

“No way. That doesn’t sound like Wolf at all,” Lark defended hotly.

Zak covered Lark’s hand, gentle reigning him in so they could hear Brody out. “What happened?”

“Ryan gave Wolf a Valentine’s Day card. One of the other boys started picking on Ryan and made him cry.”

“What a dick…ah…d…” Lark looked a little desperate as he hunted for another word. They’d both been trying to cut back on the swearing with Wolf in the house. “A…ah…doo doo…brain.” Lark finished lamely.

Brody’s eyebrows nearly disappeared into his hairline.

“I take it Wolf gave the kid a piece of his mind?”

Brody turned his attention back to Zak. “Yeah. It sounds like he pushed the kid over and was yelling at him.”

“Yay, Wolf!”

Brody gave Lark a ‘not helping’ look, but Lark didn’t seem particularly repentant.

“So what did the teacher say?” Zak really didn’t know Ms. Gwen or the staff at Riversands Preschool well enough to predict what happened next. That was something he’d have to rectify, he promised himself. Soon. He just hoped the teasing had been the worst part of the whole incident. Various disturbing reactions and scenarios started clambering for space in his mind.

“She gave Wolf a time out and apparently made the other kid apologize to Ryan, but…”

“But what?” Months ago Zak had sworn to himself that he’d keep both Brody and Wolf safe. Nothing was allowed to hurt them anymore. He felt the proverbial hackles on the back of his neck raise, ready to defend Wolf.

“I don’t think this is over yet. Wolf was really mad. He’s not going to forgive or forget with this kid. I’m just…I’m not sure what the right thing to say is. I don’t want Wolf fighting, but the other kid was…”

“Being a real doo doo brain,”Zak supplied wryly.

Lark stuck his tongue out at them, crossing his arms and settling back into the couch.

“Right.” Brody ran his fingers through his air again. “It’s just…it was really sweet and all, but…on the way home Wolf said something about marrying Ryan when he’s older. You know how Wolf is when he gets an idea in his head. He’s not going to let this go. I’m worried this might not be the last time he has it out with this kid.”

Ah! Oh dear!

Zak looked over at Lark. His lover was looking distinctly…guilty. And Zak was pretty sure he had a similar look on his own face.

Brody instantly noticed and straightened up in his seat. “What?”

“That…ah…that last one might be—”

“Our fault,” Zak finished.

“What? How?”

“Well, we…ah—”

“We were saving it for tomorrow. For our day off together,” Lark hurried to explain, still looking guilty. “You know how we said we’d hold off our Valentine’s Day celebration this year so we could share it and relax on our day off and—”

“Brody, we wanted to talk to you about…well, about us,” Zak cut in before Lark strained something trying to explain.

Brody suddenly paled, his whole body going rigid with tension.

Zak growled. “Whatever you’re thinking, stop right now.”

“Are you…I mean have you…had enough of—”

Zak couldn’t stand the look of insecurity and fear in Brody’s eyes. Even as he heard Lark sputtering out a denial, Zak crossed the space between them in two long strides and pulled Brody into his arms, covering his mouth with a fierce, demanding kiss. He plunged his tongue in to taste Brody, revelling in the heat and warmth of his lover's body. At the same time, he pulled Brody in to a tight embrace.

Brody groaned and pushed forward instinctively.

Suddenly Lark was with them, his small, slim body pressing into Brody’s back, forcing him closer to Zak. Nimble fingers raised goosebumps of delight as they traced patterns across their arms and down their side—outlining all the places Zak was touching Brody along the way.

Finally desperate for air, Zak was forced to pull away, but he refused to move any farther than was necessary to get air into his starving lungs.

“Does that answer your question?”

“I don’t…I don’t understand. What—?” Brody breathed in short, needy gasps.

Lark hugged Brody a little tighter from behind. “We wanted to talk to you about…well, about the future. If something happened to us we wanted you and Wolf to be looked after and—”

“We want to draw up legal papers so that you and Wolf will be looked after.” Brody looked up at him, apparently too stunned to speak. “We want to be a family. Officially. Well, as officially as we can be.”

“And we want to have a commitment ceremony,” Lark added “We want—”

“The truth is we want it all. We’re greedy bastards when it comes to you. We want…we want you to be our husband, but…well we wanted to talk to Wolf and ask him how he felt about it first.”

“You…asked my brother—?”

“We talked to him about how much we loved you and asked him how he felt about the three of us having a ceremony to celebrate that. He asked us if it would be like getting married and we…kind of said it was the same thing, but for the three of us, because we both love you.” Zak wanted to squirm and fidget as he finished, feeling his face heating up as he looked down into Brody’s suspiciously bright eyes. Something inside Zak calmed and stilled as he watched the first rays of hope and wonder filling Brody’s expression. “This isn’t how we wanted to do this, but…will you…will you marry us, Brody?”

“We love you,” Lark whispered.

There was a moment of perfect stillness and silence as they stood wrapped around each other. Lark snuggled into Brody’s back, holding him from behind. Brody looking up, eyes wide and luminous. Nothing was said. Somehow nothing needed to be said. There was just a quiet understanding that passed between them, an instant of soul deep connection.

Then a single tear strayed down Brody’s cheek. Zak reached up and brushed it away with a thumb. Brody’s breath hitched.

“I love you. Both. So much.”

Unable to resist another second, Zak took Brody’s lips again, but this time it was soft and slow and tasted faintly of salty tears and something infinitely tender and precious. Within seconds Lark wiggled his way in and joined them—licking and nipping until the kiss dissolved into a clumsy three-way meeting of tongues and lips and passion.

“Come to bed,” Lark pleaded.




Brody couldn’t catch his breath. Every fibre of his being was straining, wanting, needing to be with Zak and Lark as they struggled down the hall together.

Pulling and tugging on each other, kissing and groping with no one wanting to lose a moment of the connection and raw, powerful passion that was raging between them, they eventually stumbled into the bedroom. Someone—possibly Zak—kicked the door closed and snicked the lock into place.

Hasty, fumbling fingers worked to strip them of their clothes, letting them fall randomly until the three of them stood completely naked, still licking and kissing and fondling each other. Hands wandered over wonderfully bare, warm flesh—tweaking taut nipples, sliding over the curve of rounded ass cheeks and caressing hard, flat abdominal muscles on their journey south.

Finally, Brody took Zak’s thick cock in his hand and began a steady pumping action. With each stroke he made sure to apply just the right amount of pressure with his thumb to the sensitive spot just below the head. It never failed to drive Zak crazy.

“Ah! Yeah, right…Oh!…Right there, Brody!”

Zak threw his head back in bliss and Brody couldn’t resist gently biting into the corded muscles of his neck.

“Oh!” Zak cried and Brody instantly stilled his hand. He didn’t want Zak coming yet. Not yet. There was still far too much pleasure to be had yet. He wanted to squeeze every last drop out of this time together.

“Fuck! That’s so hot,” Lark whispered.

Zak panted, obviously struggling for control before he finally opened his passion-dark eyes and fixed Brody with a hot, needy stare. “You need to get your ass on the bed right now.”

Lark started tugging at them, heading them all in the right direction with impatient, almost frantic movements until they collapsed onto the bed in a tangle of legs, arms, wandering hands and sloppy, uncoordinated kisses.

“Want you. Want you both so much,” Brody panted, reaching down to wrap his hand around Lark’s cock this time and stroke along the hard, satiny length.

Suddenly, Zak stilled and caught Brody’s wrist, stopping his movements. Lark moaned in frustration but Zak ignored him.

Reaching across blindly, fumbling with the top draw while never once taking his eyes off Brody, Zak snagged a condom from the bedside table.

“Brody?” Zak asked, holding up the small unopened packet between them. The question was unspoken, but infinitely clear. Did they need one?

Brody bit at his bottom lip. Zak and Lark knew what a big deal this was for him. He’d always been so careful. Even in the bad old days when sex had been about survival, he’d never, ever gone without. And somehow it all seemed to concentrate down to right now. As if everything about his sexual experiences had been waiting for this moment. For these two men. Two men he loved beyond reason.

Brody didn’t trust himself to speak, he just shook his head.

“You sure?” Lark asked.

“I’m clean,” Brody managed to croak. “I swear. I got tested right before we moved and then—”

Zak’s big hand covered his. “We trust you. It’s not about that. But if you’re not ready—”

“No! I mean…I’m ready. I want this.”

“Brody, this isn’t a deal breaker,” Lark said seriously—the fact it was Lark being serious made the moment all the more intense. “If we have to use rubbers for the rest of our lives, that’s okay. We still want you. We still want to go through with the ceremony and—”

Brody placed a finger over Lark’s lips, stopping his words. “I want this. I’ve never done this with anyone else, but I want…I want this. The three of us, just…us for the first time.”

Zak kissed softly at his temple, a sweet, gentle caress that melted Brody’s heart. “Love you.”

Brody closed his eyes and breathed in the moment. But apparently Lark was too worked up to suffer patiently.

“How do you want it?” Lark asked licking at Brody’s lips, coaxing the lust between them back to life.

“I want…” Brody stopped for a moment, really considering not only what he wanted for himself, but what he wanted for his lovers as well. Leaning forward he took Lark’s mouth in a deep, hard kiss. “I want inside you while Zak pounds my ass. I want to fill you up and feel Zak cum inside me at the same time. I want to fuck you so long and hard Zak sees stars.”

Zak groaned, reaching down to squeeze his leaking cock—physically restraining the need that surged between them. “Oh, baby! You keep that up and there’s no way I’m going to be able to hold on long enough to even get inside you.”

Despite his words, Zak thrust up against him, rubbing the tip of his wet, rock hard erection against the top of Brody’s leg.

“Mmm…I love it when you talk dirty, baby,” Lark said, stealing another kiss. “It makes Zak so wild.”

Brody smirked, so happy he couldn’t hold it in. “I know.”

Zak slapped Brody's ass with a loud smack. More sound than force, it made Brody jump, and quiver a little with delight.

“Bad boy.”

“Oh don’t pretend you don’t love it when we’re bad,” Lark teased, struggling to untangle himself from limbs and bedding to get to his knees at the top of the bed.

“True,” Zak said, his eyes never leaving Lark’s glorious pale round ass as it manoeuvred into position.

Of course, Lark noticed Zak’s distraction. He smirked over his shoulder, wiggling his butt in invitation.

Brody lunged, growling playfully as he caught hold of Lark’s hips. “Mine.”

There was a squeak of surprise, then a heartfelt moan of delight as Brody lowered his head and swiped his tongue firmly over the crease of Lark’s tight bubble butt.

Thrilling to his lover's eager response, Brody began to lick and probe, finding Lark’s hole and adding a finger to the wet play of his tongue—thoroughly enjoying every second of preparing Lark for his cock.

Completely focused on pleasuring Lark with his tongue and fingers, Brody jumped when he felt Zak’s warm, slicked digits circle his hole—teasing and gradually loosening the tight pucker before pushing in to start opening him up.

“Shh,” Zak crooned. “Let me in, baby.”

Brody eagerly complied, relaxing and pushing back slightly on Zak’s fingers as they worked him open. He desperately wanted Zak’s cock, but allowed himself to enjoy the moment of his lover's fingers breaching and moving inside him as well.

Lark, however, wasn’t going to wait patiently for long.

“Now. Need you now, Brody. Please.”

It was the please that finally did it. Brody found he couldn’t deny Lark anything when he used that sweet, soft whine of need on him.

Raising himself carefully onto his knees so as not to dislodge Zak, Brody stilled. This was it. The moment.

Then all thought vanished as Lark pushed back to let the soft, slick pucker of his ass kiss the tip of Brody's cock.

Brody managed to engage enough brain cells to keep his forward thrusts slow and steady—gradually easing open Lark’s body to take more and more of his throbbing cock.

“Oh, fuck!” Brody couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to be sliding inside Lark, nothing between them but a thin smear of lube and a whole lot of passion and need.

Finally, Brody was fully seated inside Lark’s body. And it was almost too much. He had to fight to stay still, closing his eyes and resting against Lark’s back. The deep, rhythmic throb in his groin warned him he was definitely only a single thrust away from completely embarrassing himself and exploding inside his lover's hot ass prematurely.

No! Even the thought nearly brought the reality on. And Zak’s fingers where still buried inside him. Mercifully still, but threatening his control even more.

“Breathe, Brody. Breathe,” Zak whispered, laying a tender kiss against his shoulder blade.

“I can’t…oh…I can’t—”

“Yes you can.” Zak placed another gentle kiss against his back. “Just breathe.”

After an eternity, Zak slowly, oh so very slowly and carefully withdrew his fingers. The sensation was pure bliss and absolute torture. Once done, it left Brody feeling empty and…hollow. Needy in a way he’d never felt before. Everything in Brody cried out, desperate for Zak to return. To be sandwiched between Zak’s cock and Lark’s ass until it would be impossible to tell where one of them ended and the other began.

Then the blunt head of Zak’s cock pressed against his hole.

“Ready, baby?”

“Yes! Now! Now, Zak!”

There were probably glaciers that were moving faster than Zak right now, and Brody was in no state to tolerate—

Zak filled him with one long steady thrust.

Brody arched, but didn’t get very far. He remained trapped between Zak and Lark. Perfectly trapped and surrounded.

With tiny thrusts of his hips that built in intensity and depth and slowly drew Brody into a smooth, coordinated rhythm, Zak started to fuck him—effectively fucking into Lark at the same time. It was utterly amazing. The sound, the sensation, the knowledge that they were together—joined and moving as one. It was incredible, but never destined to last very long.

So close, Brody reached around Lark’s body, determined that they all go together. It didn’t take more than a brush of the very tips of his fingers against Lark’s straining cock to push Lark over the edge. Brody felt the long jets of warm cum splatter across his hand.

The sensation of Lark’s hole clamping down on him caught Brody off-guard. The rhythmic contraction massaging along his length spun him into a fast, dazzling orgasm. Lights of every colour imaginable danced before his eyes. Just as suddenly he felt the warm, welcome rush of Zak’s cum flood his ass. It sent his cock off on another round of sporadic, jerking shots inside Lark.

Finally, Brody couldn’t hold himself up any longer. He collapsed, barely managing to coordinate his descent enough to land beside and not on Lark. Zak followed him down.

Completely exhausted and utterly at peace, Brody closed his eyes—still buried deep inside Lark and Zak’s cock slowly softening inside him.




Lark stretched out, feeling the delicious dull ache of his asshole intensify. He smiled and sighed. It was so exactly how he wanted to end the day. Well, actually it was how he wanted to end every day. And start every morning too if he was going to be really honest with himself. But tonight had been…special. An especially welcome joining. Something about their lovemaking tonight, quite apart from the barebacking, had been…more.

Feeling the sticky wet slick of Brody’s cum at his hole and between his cheeks, Lark wrinkled his nose. Now all that was needed was someone to clean them all up.

He could feel Brody’s slow even breaths against his back. He really didn’t want to part with the wonderful sensation of the warm arm holding him snug in a tender, post-coital spoon. Unfortunately, raising himself slightly and glancing across Brody to Zak, he was met with a soft snore.

Well damn, didn’t look like their big strong lover boy was going to be any use in that department right now either.

Lark sighed. Much as simply snuggling down with his two gorgeous men and drifting off to sleep was appealing, he knew that in a few hours they’d all regret it if someone didn’t make with the wet cloths.

Groaning, Lark struggled out of bed and made his way to the bathroom. After a quick clean up of his own, he wet two washers with warm water and headed back to bed to look after his lovers. With gentle, efficient movements he cleaned them both up, then hurdled the wet washers towards the bathroom—relieved when he heard the wet spat as they hit the tiled floor rather than the carpet. He’d deal with them later, right now he just wanted to get back to the snuggling.

With a lot of wiggling and squirming, Lark managed to insinuate himself in his favourite spot—right between Zak and Brody’s hot bodies. Sighing, Lark closed his eyes, letting the smell of male musk and spent love pull him towards pleasant dreams.

“What are we going to do about Wolf?” Brody suddenly asked, his voice rough with the edge of sleep and physical exhaustion.

Lark smiled. He loved the way Brody said ‘we’. It made him feel like…family.

Zak's deep rumble vibrated against his back. “We tell him it’s not okay to go around pushing and hitting people, but that we’re damn proud of him for standing up for his friend. And then we invite Ryan and Wolf to be the ring bearers at our commitment ceremony.”

Taking a deep breath, Lark savoured the perfection of the moment. It was so exactly right that Lark’s heart, already full to bursting, expanded in his chest just a little more somehow.

Still, something had to be said.

“Don’t think I didn’t notice that you both played dead when it was clean up time,” he grumbled sleepily.

Brody chuckled drowsily beside him. Then Zak’s heavy arm settled over them both and gave a little squeeze. “We’ll make it up to you, baby. Promise.”

Lark’s lips twitched up in a smile. He liked the way Zak kept promises. Tomorrow—their own private Valentine’s Day—was going to be a whole lot of fun.





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