Jade Archer 
   ~ A Shot For The Heart ~

Sharing Paul

Three men when the world sees only two. One desire-to be loved and accepted. All they need is a miracle.

Paul and Joshua's life has never been easy, or even easy to explain, but they've always had each other. Two distinct entities sharing the same body-the body of an escaped cat shifter slave rescued and brought to Earth as a child. They're lifelong
friends, lovers and soul mates. But Joshua is slowly dying—unable to sustain the psychic link that binds him to Paul. They desperately need a miracle. Unfortunately, miracles seem to be pretty thin on the ground these days.

Then one night they stumble on Matt as he’s being beaten by a group of thugs in a park. He’s human, he’s a mess and he sets off every protective, possessive instinct the pair have. Could rescuing Matt be the answer to their prayers, or just another complication in an already far too complicated existence? 

Meanwhile, there are forces at work trying to sow seeds of confusion and decent. Forces that would eat
away at all the cat shifters of the Bayside pride have worked so hard to gain.

Can Paul, Joshua and Matt discover their miracle before it’s too late? 

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Reviews :

Literary Nymphs: 

...a fascinating saga with a dash of humour...emotional drama that I greatly enjoyed...

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