Jade Archer 
   ~ A Shot For The Heart ~

The Stowaway

Can one small stowaway teach two hardened warriors a lesson in life and love?

Arek and Devlynn were once part of one of the most vicious gangs of pirates in the galaxy - The Fennrus Group. But when Arek's little brother was killed trying to follow in Arek's footsteps, Arek quit. He walked away. And Devlynn went with him - having been devoted to the man since they were children. Unfortunately, no one leaves the Fennrus Group. Not and lives to tell the tale anyway. Forced to lay low if they are to survive, Arek and Devlynn find themselves doing supply runs between the most isolated agricultural communities in the galaxy just to scrape by. Which is how they find themselves with one small, feisty stowaway.

Having recently turned twenty-three, Rachel is faced with what she considers the ultimate enslavement - arranged marriage to two brothers from the neighbouring farming settlement of Thebia 3. So, when she sees an opportunity to escape while waiting from her intended grooms at the local space port she seizes it with both hands. She wants freedom, adventure, the chance to visit every star in the night sky. What she gets is two stubborn, difficult, although admittedly gorgeous, ex-pirates with a temperamental space transport, a vicious past out to get them and little to no idea what to do with the feelings that simmer below the surface between them.

Life with Arek and Devlynn is certain to be an adventure, provided they all survive long enough to enjoy it and Rachel can work a little magic that is.

       Available From Total-E-Bound 
                 August 8th, 2011!

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