Jade Archer 
   ~ A Shot For The Heart ~

Why Jay Ran Away

When you love someone you give them your heart. But if it turns out they may literally want it - run like hell! This time there won't be any contact without one hell of an explanation!

Jay loves Nic unconditionally. Completely. That is until he accidentally overhears something he shouldn't. Something that suggests Nic is involved in a terrible scheme to use cat clan members in the worst possible way.

Now Jay's on the run. He's cold, hungry, terrified and heartbroken. But could there be more to what he learned about Nic than meets the eye? Is there any chance he could have made a mistake?And even if he has, can Jay ever forgive his lover for his lies?

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Dark Divas Reviews :

Jade Archer’s Contact Series is quite phenomenal.

Queer Magazine Online :

This third volume in Jade Archer's "Contact" series was even better than the first two. We get to see more details about the future “world” Jade Archer is building in this series. And let me tell you, they made my blood run cold.

Literary Nymphs :

Jade Archer’s third story in the Contact series includes action and enticing erotic scenes. The storyline and characters are well developed and left me anticipating the next installment.

N.C. Jenks : **Spoiler Alert on this review!**

I loved the little details about the cat ears and how Jade has created this world but mostly I was fond of the way Jay seemed weak in the beginning but proved he had a backbone by the end of the story.

Sensual Reads.com say :

4.5 out of 5! ...it is the emotion and the love that makes Why Jay Ran Away a shining addition to your library. Buy it, enjoy and save it. You will not be sorry if you do with Why Jay ran Away by Jade Archer.
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